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Agnes, the lobster

Agnes Paston, the patriarch of the clan, owned 5 manors in Cromer and sent her grandsons to collect the rent.  She also demanded that her children be frequently beaten and beat her daughter herself.  This was probably quite common at the time but she does seem to have been quite an angry person judging by the letters.  the angry lobster dragon was created, with the crab for the Cromer and Sheringham crustacaen crawl 2010.

The Paston crab

The crab, painted by Naomi Care, is a pair with the lobster  and represents John Paston protecting himself from either his Grandmother, Agnes Paston, or from her tenants when he was sent to collect the rents in Cromer.

Paston Bear

The bear lives or lived in Bear Lane.  This may be called after the sad story of the Mundesley circus bear that died here in a ditch, having been brought up, with an elephant or two, from Mundesley circus.  Or it may not.

Mam Tor

My favourite Derbyshire Hill.  The quaking mountain, inhabited for thousands of years in spite of its tendency to open the earth (it swallowed the A6, that has to be a good thing).  This is the causeway leading away from the Tor.

Paston alligator


John Mack, a squire of Victorian Paston, was given 4 alligator eggs by his sister.  He hatched them out and let the alligators play in his bath until they got too big.....then he released them into one of the village ponds....but we don't know which one.  Paston has many surprises...