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This is the view from Paston cliffs - the rabbits are descendants of those who graced the tables of royalty in the fifteeenth century (the whale is an exaggeration).


One of the first non-toxic intaglio prints I made, it mixes collage with line.  I made it at the North Notts Intaglio print making studios with Sarah.   Excellent courses there.....

Jonathan's pond

This is a watercolour of the pond when first made.  Probably actually about 2 years in as the reeds have grown.  Sadly the fish are very shy now and don't bask in the shallows - the Paston herons are far too cunning.  Jonathan tried every way to keep them out including putting wire high over the pond, (it's a walled garden).  The heron, who has a bad leg) just looked both ways, alighted in the upper garden and walked down under the wires for a feed.